Dr Kulisz’s Biographical Sketch

Dr Andre Alexander Kulisz is a practising naturopathic doctor and an international consultant in the area of neurotoxicity and chronic inflammatory conditions and an expert to the European Commission.  In his practice, he provides help to doctors and parents in neurotoxicity and chronic inflammatory conditions, especially of autistic children, and through World-Wide Naturopathic Health Service, he provides recovery programs for patients in many countries.

His experience spans over three decades of accomplishments in the following areas:

  • Development and management of healthcare-oriented businesses
  • Development of products (medical devices and compounded naturopathic formulations),
  • Management of clinical practice and health-care delivery.

During this time he was active in natural health, application of physics and mathematics in the development of non-invasive treatments, and in the development and management of biomedical enterprises. He is also an entrepreneur and a top-level manager with a proven track record.

In 1985, he established Kulisz, Inc., (aka Andre Kulisz Associates) in Minneapolis, MN, to investigate opportunities for new treatments through mathematical modelling of absent or incompetent human organs.  Among other medical patents, his company developed an intraurethral bladder control device.

To advance the product and the benefits of the treatment he lectured at various medical schools and institutions “from London to Singapore” in the area of female urology and the physics of the urinary system.  Further, after 2000, Dr Kulisz has developed and directed other clinical studies; including a one-of-a-kind study entitled “Impact of Whole Food-Based Supplements on Treatment Outcomes.”

Notwithstanding the acute benefits of allopathic medicine, he believes promoting natural modalities is essential to the long-term health and quality of life particularly at the time of socialisation of medicine in the United States, and the limitations, raising costs and rationing of medical care so specific to this system.

Since 2000, he advanced his interest in naturopathic treatments of chronic inflammatory conditions and neurotoxicity and their effects on children.  As controversial as it is, he believes that there is a substantial neurotoxic component to autism, Asperger’s, Gulf War Syndrome, and the like, secondary to adjuvant toxic effects on human organism.

His naturopathic practice is exclusively committed to this field.    He is a known international consultant in this area.

Dr Kulisz has published a number of articles in various journals, developed and led numerous international seminars and wrote “Drips, Leaks and Low Spirits – Woman’s Guide to Bladder Control, Infections and Depression.”   He also produced a series of television shows addressing various health issues.

Dr Kulisz holds 13 medical patents in the United States and over 30 in other countries.

Despite his semi-retirement, Dr Kulisz is an active naturopathic doctor and a business consultant.  His other interests include healthcare economics and the delivery of effective, low-cost treatments.  His conservative views are reflected in his approach to health care and business.  He believes in a direct patient – doctor relationship without government intrusions, limitations and rationing; much like he believes that business should be subject to free-market conditions and not government regulations.

He is a graduate of the Maritime Academy in Poland, the Aviation Institute in Russia, and the Knightsbridge University (EU) with a doctorate in applications of technology and economics in medicine.  He received his naturopathic degree from Arkansas College of Natural Health partially by examination and advanced standing in recognition of his “high expertise in advanced medical research and the development of minimally invasive procedures.”

Dr Kulisz is a registered National Provider by the US Department of Health and Human Services and accredited to practice in the European Union.  He is also an Expert to the European Commission (central government of the European Union.)  His practice is not regulated in Texas.  Dr Kulisz is lives near San Antonio, Texas, with his wife Dr Tommie Dahlmann, a naturopath and an expert on chemical dependency and eating disorders.