Autism Spectrum Naturopathic Recovery Program (World-Wide)

Dr. Kulisz’s Autism Spectrum Naturopathic Recovery Program is a five-step program for children with vaccine injuries such as autism spectrum.  The program is available world-wide and is consistent with our core beliefs:

We believe in the  miracle of life; we do not treat or cure, we provide the body with what we believe it needs naturally. If the body has the elements it needs to heal itself, it usually will.

We follow the principle expressed in Ezekiel 47:12

… let fruit be for food and leaf for healing.

The program consists of five steps:

  1. Restoration of gastro-intestinal tract and its essential functions: digestive, alimentary, neurological, defecatory (elimination & detoxification), immune, and mood control.
  2. Systemic detoxification
  3. Restoration of metabolic/physiological and neurological profiles
  4. Development/restoration of cognitive/intellectual abilities: understanding and following instructions, functioning within the group of peers, development of speech patterns, articulation of thoughts, needs, desires; development,  understanding, and use of abstract concepts: good/bad, large/small, old/new or young, light/dark; and numerical concepts 1, 2, 3, etc…,  mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc…
  5. Return to, or join group of peers, make decisions, understand and take responsibility.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms and the age of the child the program may last from 18 months to about 4 years.  The older the child, the more severe the symptoms, the longer the program.  Usually the first signs of improvement are visible after the first 3 months in the program.


The program is divided into two distinct modules:

— Nutriceutical administration of our organic, biologically active complexes extracted from plant and animal tissues to support processes in items 1, 2, and 3 above, according to our experience that if we provide the body with what we believe it needs naturally to heal itself, it usually will. and

— Sensory integration, physical therapy, speech therapy and any other form of physical development, sensory and cognitive stimulation, and development as needed to take advantage of the 1, 2, and 3 above and speed-up the recovery process. This module is provided by patient’s local therapists in the country/city of their residence and is closely coordinated with us.  The cost of this module is NOT included in the price of our program and may be covered by patient’s insurance in the country of residence.


Financial assistance available for low-income families.  To qualify for the program click here.

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