Business consulting fees

Dr. Kulisz’s Fees for Business Consulting Services

Hourly rate – $250/hr
Off-site whole day assignments — up to 10 hrs — $2500
Business meetings (after-hours, holidays, weekends) if not included in the daily rate — $250.00/hr.
Telephone calls billed in 0.1 hr. increments at the rate — $250/hr.
Travel time up to 3 hours one way, 6 hours round trip – no charge.
Travel time over 3 hours one way, or 6 hours round trip – $150/hr (time counted 1 hour before scheduled departure to actual arrival at the destination or hotel by air or train, actual time by car) in 15 min. increments rounded up.
****Retainers of 20 hrs/month — $230/hr –> $4600 plus expenses. Travel time applies as above.
****Retainers of 30 hrs/month — $210/hr –> $6300 plus expenses. Travel time applies as above.
****Retainers above 30 hrs/month – please inquire.

Commissioned professional articles/opinions: $200.00/hr

Support personnel US:
Assistant/secretary – $50.00/hr
Data entry operator – $30.00/hr
Programmer – $50.00 to $120.00/hr
Co-monitor – $80.00 – 150.00/hr
MD/PhD – $180.00 – $350.00/hr
NP – $120.00/hr
RN – $80.00/hr
LVN – $50.00/hr

Support personnel on foreign assignments:
Customary fees/payments inclusive of all insurance, taxes, etc., as required by local laws, plus 10%

Airfare billed at cost: up to three-hour flight: economy class, longer flights: business class
Train billed at cost: first class
Car billed at cost: full size
Hotel billed at cost: Holiday Inn/Marriott standard
Meals: at cost or per diem US $90.00,  EU $110.00

Laundry – at cost
Gym (if not included in the hotel charges)
For trips longer than two weeks – if Dr. Kulisz’s wife joins him – 50% of her airfare and living expenses
Misc. expenses – $30/day
Supplies, computer systems, software, instrumentation purchased for client billed with 10% markup.
Out-of-pocket expenses (meals, tips, entertainment on client’s behalf, telephone, fax, etc…) billed at cost.
All other charges billed as reasonable and customary.