A Message from Dr. Kulisz


A message from Dr. Kulisz, Chief Naturopathic Doctor and Co-Founder of World-Wide Naturopathic Health Service. 

We want to succeed in helping our clients improve their health.  Here are few things to know before starting natural health recovery program:  Natural health recovery requires time, commitment, and material means. Although the costs of naturopathic modalities and formulations are a LOT lower than medical drugs and treatments, they need to be paid “out-of-pocket” at the time of service.  (There is an indication, however, that some private insurers are getting interested in natural health and are willing to cover the cost and/or reimburse for costs if asked.  Please call your insurance company and request that they cover your naturopathic treatment.  Will supply our national provider ID if requested.)
Natural methods are gentle, without adverse side effects, biologically similar to natural elements and processes of human organisms. Persons not believing in natural health recovery, and/or unable to commit time, patience, and material means are not able to benefit from natural methods. To benefit from our services we ask: be committed to the improvement of your health.

Commitment is the most important element of health improvement. With some exceptions, missed appointment generally indicates lack of commitment. The same applies to not following the directions, continuing destructive lifestyle, etc…

To qualify for an assistance from our service every patient/client must have an access to the Internet, active, valid, monitored email address; send and receive text messages, have valid, active telephone number, and Skype account with video. Viber, Google Hangout (Goggle Talk) optional but desirable.

Have a list of problems, medications, side effects available before appointment. Send this list along with medical opinions, analyses and other tests to our office by fax +1-661-459-2329, or by email marywhite@kulisz.com.

Have answers to the following questions: How long have you been not well? Pattern (condition worsening, improving, on and off, subject to stresses, allergies, and other factors — which ones?) Complete in advance the Health Assessment Questionnaire for adults or Request for Consultation –Post Vaccination, Neurological and Developmental Disorders for children.

For remote consultations, be available at least 10 minutes before the consultation time per emailed instructions. For consultations in Dr. Kulisz’s private office be at least 10 minutes before the consultation time. Dress comfortably but conservatively. Reserve enough time: first consultation — 1 hr to 1hr 30 min, followup consultation 30 min – 45 min.

English is the language of this practice.  If client/patient does not speak English, a medical  translator/interpreter will be provided for a fee if available, however, we disclaim any responsibility for the quality and accuracy of the translation. In case of differences between the English language and the translation, the English language version prevails.