Autism Spectrum Naturopathic Recovery Program (World-Wide)

Dr. Kulisz’s Autism Spectrum Naturopathic Recovery Program is a five-step program for children with vaccine injuries such as autism spectrum. The program is available world-wide and is consistent with our core beliefs: We believe in the miracle of life; we do not treat or cure, we provide the body with what we believe it needs… Read more

General Practice

We provide support in the following areas: Hormonal Disorders (Men and Women), High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Inflammatory Conditions, Stress, CFS, Fatigue, Depression, Gastro-Intestinal Problems, Neurotoxicity, Autism, ASD, ADD/ADHD, Allergies, Detoxification. Read more

Pediatric and Adolescent Naturopathic Care

We provide services supporting pediatric and adolescent care: Post-vaccinations adverse effects, Developmental disorders, Gastro-intestinal disorders, Targeted nutritional support with specialised organic extracts (not suitable for vegetarians), Physical therapy and developmental therapy through affiliated therapists in various countries (we are actively seeking therapists in the countries … Read more

General Information

Dr. Kulisz is in private practice as a consultant to clients wishing to evaluate and improve their health. His practice is limited to natural health restoration and maintenance. Dr. Andre A Kulisz, is a medical scientist/researcher (PhD), a naturopathic doctor (ND) accredited in the European Union, and an Applied Clinical Nutritionist. He is registered provider… Read more