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Series of TV shows addressing health issues under the common headline “Tired of Feeling Sick & Tired.”  A. Kulisz, T. Dahlmann,  Fall 2009 through summer 2010.

“The other Side of Cholesterol” Warsaw, Poland; April, 2007.  Lecture sponsored by the Polish Association of Natural Medicine and the Polish Ministry of Health.

“Drips, Leaks and Low Spirits, A Woman’s Guide to Bladder Control, Infections and Depression” , A. Kulisz,, 2000.

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“Pierwsze doswiadczenia z zastosowaniem urzadzenia Autocath 100 zastepujacym funkcje zwieracza cewki moczowej u kobiet”; A. Kulisz, T. Boone, J. Zajda, 1995, Urologia Polska, Supplement 3A/95:204 (Initial Experiences with Autocath 100 as a Replacement of [incompetent or absent] Urinary Sphincter in Women; Polish language).

“Prostheses in Urology; Autocath 100 – A New Urinary Sphincter Prosthesis” A. Kulisz, Dutch Urological Convention; Workshop IV A Presentation, November, 1995, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

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