Coming out of the Shadows

Naturopathic Approaches to Treatment of Children with Post-Vaccination Autism Spectrum Disorder

Seminar date: To be detrermined — June 2018 timeframe in Austin, Texas.

Video announcement by Dr. Kulisz

A three-day seminar for health practitioners addressing ways to support and help restore health in children with post-vaccination autism spectrum disorder. Seminar conducted by Dr. Andre Kulisz, PhD, ND(US), DNM(EU), ACN, accredited with the European Union and expert in neurotoxicity and chronic inflammatory conditions at the European Commission. In 2008, he and his wife Dr. Tommie Dahlmann (also a naturopath specializing in addictions, now retired) established World-Wide Naturopathic Health Service almost exclusively involved in helping autistic children.

Dr. Kulisz represents international experience treating autistic children in 38 countries since 2007.

This seminar offers a great opportunity for practitioners to expand to the field of abruptly growing need and is intended to equip practitioners with a stand-alone practice module to be either included in the existing practice or run independently. The seminar provides all that is needed to start and successfully operate such a practice, including patient assessments, protocols, follow-up reports, patient consultation templates; treatment program development templates, software tools including database-based expert system, accounting, and billing/ICD codes for those that bill insurance, business instructions, recommended optional instrumentation and more. Expect a busy program and be prepared to immerse yourself in the area that is considered not treatable.

This is not a “regular” seminar. This is a high-intensity, three-day training session meant to equip practitioners with the knowledge and tools to successfully help children in need and in the process build a successful practice.

Dr. Kulisz and the organizers will assist participants for 60 days after completion of the seminar to help them start and operate the practice.

Certificates of Completion issued by World-Wide Naturopathic Health Service will be awarded ONLY to those participants that complete all three days of the seminar. For more information and to register send email to with “Seminar22” in the subject line or go to Participation limited to 40 practitioners only.

Cost of the seminar is $4,500.00. Practitioners are encouraged to bring their assistants/office managers so they can get trained as well. Cost for each additional person is $350.00. Advanced notice required. One set of seminar materials per paid practitioner. Breakfasts, lunches, and snacks are included all three days.

Suggested attire is business casual.

All participants must have laptop computers. Minimum requirements: WiFi enabled, CD Rom read/write drive, USB 2 and/or 3. 30 Mb of hard drive storage and min. 1 Gb memory.

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Seminar date:  To be detrermined — June 2018 timeframe.